Quality assurance & warranty

We are very confident about the quality of both our products and our services and we don't mind going the extra mile to offer you an excellent experience when purchasing an artwork through our platform.

A signed certificate of authenticity with every print
A certificate of authenticity is provided with every fine art print and special art print, signed by the artist and our master printer. The certificate also indicates which issue from the edition you have, with the numbers corresponding with the ones on the front or back of the art print.

Materials that are less suitable for a written signature on the front are provided with a sticker on the backside of the artwork showing the edition number and artist's signature.

We guarantee the best possible quality
All works on offer are carefully selected by our art commission in collaboration with the original artist. The original work is digitized by our master printer using the state-of-the-art Cruse Fine Art Scanner which is known worldwide as the absolute best in digitization of paintings. The revolutionary specifications and groundbreaking technology guarantee superior colors, textures & fabric expression in unprecedented sharpness.

In case of digital art or photography, there is no need fo a scan, and the proofing process consists of calibrating of the digital file for the chosen material and dimensions of the final result. In all cases, the artist is actively involved in the proofing process to make sure the print matches the original artwork as close as possible.

The print itself is made with a specialized high-end printer using only the best inks and materials available in the business today. Our master printer and his staff are very dedicated when it comes to quality and take the greatest care in the production and handling of every order.

Nothing short of the best
At Mr. Wallski we always go for the best of the best. Our master printer is affiliated with the Giclee Printers Europe Association and meets the European standard for high quality art prints. The product you buy at Mr. Wallski is a Certified Art Giclee ™, meaning it is made with the best equipment available using precious archival inks on acid-free materials.

The Certified Art Giclee ™ quality mark is the European standard for original limited Giclée art print editions. The Certified Art Giclee ™ logo guarantees consumers, artists, galleries and museums the very highest quality and longevity of the artwork. All prints are provided with a certificate of authenticity with the quality mark embossed and signed by the master printer.

Certified Art Giclee ™ also guarantees the number of editions made will never be exceeded or reissued.

We make sure you enjoy your artwork for a very long time
All our Certified Art Giclee ™ prints come with a lifetime warranty on conservation and colour retention, provided you treat the art print correctly. Keep the print in a dry place and preferably out of direct sunlight, do not roll it too tight and always wear gloves when handling the print. The additional guarantee offered by Mr. Wallski is without prejudice to the legal guarantee that applies to all products. Legal guarantee means that a product is or must do what the consumers can reasonably expect.

The certificate of authenticity that comes with the print is also the guarantee certificate for the additional guarantee offered by Mr. Wallski. Proof of possession of this certificate must be demonstrated before or with any claims made on this guarantee.

If you encounter any issues with the quality of your print contact our support team and we'll provide you with a suitable solution.

A nice frame to go with your print
Our frames are carefully selected and stand out in material quality as wel as design. They’re made of an aluminium profile which guarantees a lightweight yet sturdy base. We offer them in 17 different styles including metallics and woods and even some bright colors. We use acrylic glass which is better, brighter and lighter than ordinary glass and less likely to damage during transportation.

The width of the standard frame is 5 mm (~ 0.2 inch) and the depth is 22 mm (~ 0.9 inch). All frames are also available in a luxury version which come with thicker glass and an additional insert to elevate the artwork, adding an extra dimension to it’s display. The width of a luxury frame is 8 mm (~ 0.3 inch) and the depth is 35 mm (~ 1.4 inch). All frames are custom made to fit the art print by our professional framer and come with a ready-to-hang suspension system.

Note: Framing an artwork takes a bit of time and requires a special shipping method which may affect process and shipping time (but it is definitely worth your while).

  • Every print comes with a certificate of authenticity
  • Made with top-of-the-bill technology and museum quality materials
  • Lifetime warranty on your limited edition art print
  • Unique and exclusive artworks with a guaranteed fixed quantity
  • Certified Art Giclee™ by one of the best master printers

All our prints are provided with a certificate of
authenticity signed by the original artist.

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