Material does makes a difference

Besides the use of state-of-the-art equipment, the choice of material is just as important. We partnered up with the best professionals and only work with the best materials available.

More than 25 years of experience

Mr. Wallski works closely with Re-Art, the best master printer in the Netherlands that produces prints for various renowned international artists. Thanks to the use of the most modern technology/equipment and the very best materials available, you are guaranteed a high quality, unique end product with dazzling detail and amazing resemblance to the original work.

Top of the line technology

The quality of the prints is largely determined by the way in which the original work has been digitized. The Cruse Fine Art Scan is globally known as the best system for digitization of paintings. Our master printer works with the newest generation of the top model in this series of scanners. The revolutionary specifications and ground breaking technology guarantee superior colors, textures and fabric expression in unexpected sharpness.

"Only the highest quality materials and
the best print techniques available."

Our fine art prints meet the highest standards

Quality is of great importance to us. Our prints meet the highest standards set by artists, museums and art collectors. Our master printer and the artist choose the best fitting material together for each individual work.

Special art prints on extraordinary material

Special art prints are issued in lower numbers and produced with superior printing techniques on extraordinary material with a high-end finish. The size of the work is often larger than the original and they come 'ready-to-hang' with a suspension system included. Our special art prints come in different types of material: HD finish (on forex), liquid gloss or canvas.

"All frames are high quality and custom made to fit the art print by our professional framer."

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