Urban Exploring with Celina Dorrestein

2 min

Her photographs are surrounded by a certain mystical atmosphere. She distinguishes herself by the special use of light and creative compositions.


Celina Dorrestein (1985) grew up in a village in the Netherlands called Soest. As a young child she was fascinated by atmosphere and light. When she grew older she captured these different scenes with her own camera. She followed her dream and went to the academy for photography and started her own small photo studio in a garage. Soon she expanded to a larger studio where she both creates work in assignment as well as her own work. 

Celina can be best described as an all round photographer with a preference for studio-, travel-, animal-, and urbex photography. 

Urban Exploring
When it comes to photography, Urban Exploring is a big passion of Celina. Urban Exploring means: visiting and photographing abandoned and derelict buildings. Every building has its own unique history and visiting such a place brings a certain tension with it. This tension is clearly visible in her pictures. She distinguishes herself by bringing her own style back into the special use of light and creative compositions.

Verdure Piano by Celina Dorrestein
Hospital G by Celina Dorrestein
Iron Castle by Celina Dorrestein

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