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The story behind Stefan Filarski’s ‘Crushed Can Series’

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After a 20 year career in advertising as a Creative Director he figured it was time to focus on something new: creating art. This did not go unnoticed, he published 'The Crushed Can Series' in which he puts trash in a whole new perspective.

‘His pop art-like style combined with powerful bright colors and the clear shapes are specific for his art. Filarski’s work does not blend in the background but claims its place.’

The Crushed Can Series
He gets his inspiration from the most simple coincidences from daily life. He says the following: “In our man made environment loads of fantastic accidentally occurring stuff is going on that is really worth looking at. This inspires me as a artist and I often use this as a base for my work. “ Below a selection from Filarski’s ‘Crushes Can Series’.

This can was found in Cyprus in the summer of 2012. This can was cleaned and photographed. Then imported into photoshop and creatively enhanced, then printed on canvas and finally painted on with acrylic paint and ecoline.

This can was found in Sicily in the summer of 2014. This can was cleaned and photographed. Then imported into Photoshop and creatively enhanced, then printed on canvas and finally painted on with acrylic paint.

About the artist
After a long career in advertisement, he decided to chase a long cherished dream: painting. Although Stefan Filarski went to a classic art academy, the techniques he uses are a mixture of both classical as well as modern techniques. For example, he paints and photographs, but Photoshop is also a part of his work process. In our shop you will find a selection of his work.

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