The modern metropolis of Floyd Douglas

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The work of young artist Floyd Douglas (1982) makes it possible to model reality. We see city landscapes playing with the content of life, in the mist of colorful polluted air. His art is the reflection of upbringing and freedom of the digital era in arts and depicts the power of youth, courage and boundless opportunities. His work resembles metropolitan art, captured in the blink of an eye. As if the canvas were a retina. Douglas transforms the modern metropolis into a concrete jungle and invites wild animals from the territory to share with the undiscovered animal in man. 

'The images that I create come to me in moments of intense inspiration. This happens during the day, but also at night. I often wake up with works of art very vividly presented and already elaborated in my mind, the only way to relieve myself of this is to make these images tangible.'

Douglas gets his inspiration from everything that concerns him, this is clearly visible in his work where fashion, art, design, films, music, architecture and travel are discussed. It is the surrealistic dream of a young European, who portrays modern views on the way the world works today. It reminds us that we live in an age of ever-increasing innovation and acceleration of untold influences that help shape and shape our lives. He discovered that much of his inspiration is a product of the collective consciousness of the world today. In some ways he would say that he is a channel which funnels the thought and the beliefs of the modern metropolis.

Life in Paris by Floyd Douglas
Fragments of Sins by Floyd Douglas
Amsterdam Light Festival by Floyd Douglas
Summer in Havana by Floyd Douglas

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