Now at Moco Museum: Daniel Arsham - Connecting Time

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Daniel Arsham is a New York based artist who was raised in Miami. He attended Cooper Union in New York City where he received The Gelman Trust Fellowship Award in 2003. Arsham’s work with all different kinds of disciplines, varying from architecture, design, sculpture to film and performance. Moco Museum is the first museum in the Netherlands to present Daniel Arsham’s work.

Danial Arsham in front of the Calcified Room
Danial Arsham in front of the Calcified Room

This exhibition shows amazing installations such as Amethyst Ball Cavern and Eroded Wall Paper Room. When you enter the installation spaces it feels like you're stepping into an alternate reality. The artist’s fascination with pop culture objects, sports and the influence of archeology are apparent in these spaces. The show also includes Arsham’s never before presented interactive installation Calcified Room, consisting of a domestic space furnished in mid-century style but created to appear strangely petrified. The calcified room is evocative of a cave interior scaled with minerals, or the city of Pompeii, eternally preserved in ash.

The Calcified Room by Danial Ashram
Calcified Room by Daniel Arsham
Amethyst Ball Cavern by Danial Arsham
Amethyst Ball Cavern by Daniel Arsham

Connecting Time
‘Connecting Time’ is a retrospective exhibition with works spanning Arsham’s entire career. Included are four at first glance ‘conventional’ architectural interventions that subtly manipulate the physical environment to create surrealistic settings. Fitness gear and objects rooted in pop culture are presented in eroded form as though excavated from some archaeological site, while swaddled animalistic figures recall the work of Christo or Man Ray, but with a playful, childlike twist.

“For my first museum scale exhibition in the Netherlands, I am excited to partner with Moco Museum to present a selection of my work spanning the last 10 years of my career. I’ve created some new and never before seen works and installations for this show and am very looking forward to share my practice with the Dutch people and international audience in Amsterdam”, says Arsham.

Where and when?
Moco Museum in Amsterdam. Now on view until September 30th 2019. Buy your tickets with discount here


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