Meet Ego Leonard!

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Ego Leonard is an art project which started in 2007. This project features giant super sized Lego figures who washed up on the shore of various beaches around the world. Later he started to create paintings of the Lego character named ‘Ego’. To Ego everyone is equal, he feels home wherever he is. A better world can be crafted simply by allowing other people to be different. The paintings which are made in the name of Ego Leonard, focus on this subject.

The multi-talented Leon Keer, which is his real name, is initially known for his anamorphic street art. His art has been showcased in Europe, the United States, Russia, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, New Zealand, and several Asian countries. He generally paints contemporary themes which involves environmental concerns and raises questions about the livability in this world.

Children attempt to move ‘Ego Leonard’ in 2008 at Brighton beach
3D gummy bears at Malta Streetart Festival by Leon Keer
Influence by Ego Leonard

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