Hidden museums on the canals in Amsterdam

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Behind the facades of a number of stately canal houses in Amsterdam are beautiful museums. Discover their historical treasures and enjoy the extraordinary gardens.

Many of the houses along the Amsterdam canals have a glorious past. Hometown of the rich, place of historical events. Today, the monumental facades are often the harbinger of the most beautiful inner gardens and museums. Anyone visiting Amsterdam should view at least one canal house from the inside.

Huis Marseille (museum for photography)
About three hundred years ago, a French merchant had a beautiful canal house built for himself. He left a plaque on the facade with the map of the port of Marseille on it. The interior has not changed much since then. A photography museum is now located in Huis Marseille. The museum has a large collection of photographs by contemporary photographers and organizes changing exhibitions of other work.

Museum Ons' Lieve Heer op Solder
On the Oudezijds Voorburgwal you will find one of the most extraordinary museums in Amsterdam. Museum Ons Lieve Heer op Solder appears at first sight to be a characteristic 17th-century canal house, but behind the facade is a real church! The sheltered church "in the attic" dates from the time when Catholics were not allowed to hold public church services. Nowadays the building is a museum with not only the church but also beautiful period rooms and remarkable exhibitions.
Museum Ons ’Lieve Heer op Solder celebrates its 130th anniversary on 24 April. In honor of this birthday of the museum, there will be an exhibition in the museum from April 24 on the history of the museum.

Het Grachtenhuis

A great place to start exploring Amsterdam's hidden museums is the Canal House. This recent addition is the entrance to the Amsterdam canals. Get to know one of the best urban expansion projects in the world in six rooms: the 17th-century canals of Amsterdam. Visit the multimedia, interactive exhibition and travel through 40 years of history in 40 minutes.

Foam Fotografiemuseum
Foam photography museum exhibits all possible genres of photography: art, documentary, applied, historical and contemporary. It is a museum of international allure and a creative center where photographers can meet and participate in forums and symposia. In addition to large exhibitions by established (world) famous photographers, Foam also has smaller short-term exhibitions of emerging talent. When you visit Foam Photography Museum, there are always at least three exhibitions to see.

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