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The obsessive perfectionism of Daan Roukens

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One of the abstract artists on Mr. Wallski is Daan Roukens. Roukens is constantly looking for the experience between chaos and order. His works can therefore be seen as autobiographical, in which his calm and restless thoughts are represented.

Roukens grew up with an artist as mother and an entrepreneur as father. In his younger years he made videos with friends, taking care of the entire process. His urge to make films brought him to the art academy, but there he came into contact with other materials. He started painting in the second year of the art academy. Videos are still inextricably linked to his works.
Last year, Roukens successfully completed his Master of Fine Art at the Sandberg Institute, where he did research on how abstract art can play a greater role in people's daily lives.

His work is about the contradiction and connection between order and chaos. Roukens is obsessed with this interaction and is also searching for the moment between rest and unrest. When a painting is finished, the two elements are the opposite of each other but they are also connected. Roukens finds the experience of abstract art enormously important. The abstraction of the lines and the pattern are the forms needed to tell the story. With his works he wants to make the viewer think and make them really experience the work, it must hit them in the lower abdomen. It must evoke a feeling, such as a love-hate relationship. The experience of a painting is very different from that of a print and that is why Roukens finds it important that prints from a certain series are also available. Because of the prints, the contradiction grows. This also ensures that his art is incorporated into daily life in a different way, in which that intermediate experience also comes into play.

An excerpt from the original 'Say Yes When You Want To Say No #1' on canvas, by Daan Roukens
The limited edition print 'Say Yes When You Want To Say No #1' by Daan Roukens

Say Yes When You Want To Say No
The works displayed on Mr. Wallski (# 1 and # 2 of the Say Yes When You Want To Say No series) tell interesting ways of working. In this series, adding chaos (to perfection) really came to the fore. Roukens also used tape for the first time, this way the paint could run under the tape and he worked against his own obsessive perfectionism. The painting consists of more than fifteen layers, in which the pattern alternates with the breakthrough of that pattern. By shifting the pattern and working with transparent layers, the underlying layers of paint go along and work against it.
Every work in this series has its own story. In # 1 no white is used and in # 2 the white gets confronted. In this way, different patterns arise that alternate between rest and unrest.

An excerpt from the original 'Say Yes When You Want To Say No #2' on canvas, by Daan Roukens
The limited edition print 'Say Yes When You Want To Say No #2' by Daan Roukens

The limited prints #1 and #2 of the serie Say Yes When You Want To Say No are exclusively available at Mr. Wallski. Both prints are signed, numbered and come with a unique certificate of authenticity. Take a look in our shop for more information about editions and dimensions.

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