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Enter the world of Snapchat artist Snapwillum

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Meet Snapwillum, who uses Snapchat as a canvas for his art. He is unique in his kind and a progressive, contemporary artist of his generation.

Snapwillum is the artist name of Jan-Willem den Haan (1992) born in Rijnsburg, The Netherlands. He creates his art in an app called Snapchat. This is an app that makes it possible to share photos and videos with your friends. He sees Snapchat as a digital wall for his art. He draws his inspiration mainly from 'the unknown'. Leonardo da Vinci, Jean Michel Basquiat, Salvador Dali and Vincent van Gogh form a great source of inspiration to him.

Below you’ll find some video’s showing the process of Snapwillum creating an artwork on Snapchat. All works can be found in our shop.

Open Feest
Snapwillum wanted to create a strange idea. It is a stretched giraffe neck. The style is a bit like Dali used to paint. Snapwillum finds it very cool how the shapes and the extra elements came into being. It has a kind of microscopic effect. Harmony, dreaminess and a bit of chaos describe the open feast think the best. The message of this work is: "Teach you a tool and of course your senses and practice, practice, practice until you proverbially cycle without hands in the tunnels of your subconscious mind. to 'know and decorate with your activities, your healthy drug or choice."

Goeie Grenade

Snapwillum wanted to create a still life. It started very neat and gentle, but during the creation of this work his mood was switched. There is a stronger color contrast in the sketch phase, such as the hard black outlines that reinforce the contours. You also see a subtle element of war in the hand grenade. The grenade is an object that disturbs the tranquility of the still life as a kind of splinter in harmony. But relax, there's still life, it's a Good Grenade. I'll catch it for ya! The message of this work is to drop a mental bomb with the old-fashioned technique of skill and devotion.

Jelly Glitch
Jellyfish are a personal fascination of Snapwillum. The way they swim on itself is a work of art to see. With this work he wanted to emphasize the transparent quality of a jellyfish. He loves the structures and forms in this work when they depict a kind of field of richness. The jellyfish resemble a feasible part in a magnetic field.

Want to see more of these mesmerizing videos of Snapwillum creating these artworks? You can find them here.

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