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The impossible world of Peter van Oostzanen

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Peter van Oostzanen (1962) was born in Leiden. From a young age, drawing and painting flows through his veins. He studied at Nimeto and started working as a decorator at Hypsos. After a traffic accident, Peter focuses entirely on making oil paintings and develops himself into various painting techniques. This period is also crucial for his development in style and technique. In the time that it is not done to paint anything that comes close to realism, Peter goes against the prevailing trend and sticks to his own ideas and imagination. In this way Peter develops his own recognizable magically realistic style.

Around 2000 he started to show his artworks to the public for the first time. Soon interest from galleries, art lovers and collectors follows. This will increase the audience that appreciates his work. His artworks are popular among companies and individuals, both in the Netherlands, Europe and the United States.

If you look at Peter's works, you get the idea of ​​looking at a world where the laws of nature have little control over: vistas in fantasized landscapes. Strange devices on rocks. Fish with wooden wings gliding through the air. Nothing seems impossible in Peter's world. He plays a clever game with reality by portraying things that in reality would not be possible. Recognizable themes are often placed in a new context with the necessary humor, creating a new, unique fantasy world. His painting is astonishing and alienating, but at the same time evokes recognisability.

'I am not afraid of red, yellow and blue'
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Peter is inspired and influenced by various surrealists, including Salvador Dali and René Magritte in particular. But Dutch magic realists, including Carel Willink and Pyke Koch, are also a source of inspiration.

'The frog princess'
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Special limited edition of 30: €595,-
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About his everyday inspiration, Peter says: “I get my inspiration from everyday life: often casual observations that amaze me and make me think. After a while I suddenly see what kind of spin I want to give to that observation. I capture this idea in a smooth sketch." These sketches form the basis for the idea. It results in skilful and precisely painted paintings, painted according to the methods of the old masters.

Magic realism
Despite his affinity with Salvador Dali, among others, Peter's style is difficult to classify under the current fantasy-based realistic art movements such as surrealism. His own preference is for the 'magic realism' style. His work here is based on a free imagination, not bound or limited to an ideology or religion. He uses cultural and natural elements that are portrayed and visualized in a realistic way.

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