The grids of Jennifer Huyer

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In 2009, Jennifer graduated as a graphic designer from the Royal Academy of Visual Arts in The Hague. Before the Academy, she also followed two creative courses: the Graphic Lyceum in Amsterdam and the Nimeto in Utrecht. Huyer's love for illustrating and creativity was present at an early stage. As a child she was mainly interested in creative subjects, the rest was mainly a side issue for her. She is already drawing at a young age. At the Academy she was involved in graphic design as well as illustrating and painting.

'Grid 11'
Limited edition of 100: €195,-
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Her graphic work exudes functionality, simplicity and tranquility, and in her paintings you see that color and graphic surfaces predominate. The graphic forms in her work come from a basic grid that originated from a search. It started with a work that was initially an experiment. It was a linen cloth on which pencil lines were drawn until a grid emerged. As the work progressed, the grid became something she couldn't really support. It did not satisfy her if she saw the overall picture before her. But when she looked at parts of the work she saw potential in it. That’s how the linen canvas became the basis of the series of paintings called GRID. In the period from 2011 she is working on this series.

'Grid 8'
Limited edition of 100: €195,-
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Huyer is inspired by color palettes and color combinations that she encounters everywhere. She takes the form and proportions from parts of the "basic grid" and subsequently creates a new image with it. In addition, aerial photos of the earth inspire her enormously, especially parts of the world in which you find structures. For example, this can be an aerial photo of the Netherlands showing many farmlands and residential areas. This mainly concerns the pattern that can be discovered therein. Or a no-man's-land where many lakes or other repeating patterns can be seen in the landscape.

'Grid 16'
Limited edition of 100: €195,-
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Huyer's works have been shown in various galleries in The Hague, Amsterdam and Naarden.

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