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We love discovering new and exciting art. The next artist we welcome to our Mr. Wallski family is an experienced photographer who isn’t afraid of crossing boarders. She loves to creates her own dreamy world and visions and is a master in capturing light.  We proudly introduce you to our newest catch on the Mr. Wallski platform: Lotta van Droom

She was born in a small town in the mountains of Saxony in Germany (1979). When she was 15 years old she discovered her love for photography, when her grandfather gave her his old camera. Lotta started with capturing still lifes, nature and ruins, but almost instantly got addicted to capturing short moments that would quickly fade. In order to have control over the final results, she bought al the components to build her own dark room. She started experimenting with exposure, light and colours. Everything she knows about photography she taught herself. 

The Neglect of Voices door Lotta van Droom
The Neglect of Voices by Lotta van Droom

All of her photographs derive from a story which started in her mind. After the picture is taken the story continues and the picture develops in a deeper way. It’s not important to Lotta to show reality, she really wants to take you along in her own world of fantasy and wishes. She is fascinated by humans with interesting faces and their emotions and expressions. Every face is unique and the same face can look totally different in various settings.  She finds inspiration for her ‘dream-stories’ in music, books, films and conversations she has with other people. 

The Little Things door Lotta van Droom
The Little Things by Lotta van Droom
Red Woods Demon by Lotta van Droom
Red Woods Demon by Lotta van Droom

Soon available
Her work will soon be available in our shop. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay up-to-date on the latest developments and new work entering our shop.


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