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5 prints below €250

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We from Mr. Wallski are convinced that purchasing art online should be accessible to everyone. You don't have to have a large wallet to purchase real art. We made a selection of five works under 250 euros for you. Whether you like realistic art or illustrative art, at Mr. Wallski have a wide range of products.

Jan Teunissen – Pumpkins
Limited edition of 100: €175,-
Jan received an invitation to paint live at a pumpkin day somewhere in the Dutch countryside. He wanted to capture al these intense colours and various shapes in this painting.
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Tineke Sips – Snowwhite

Limited edition of 100: €235,-
This collage is from the series '366 Days', a collage of things that pass by every day.
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Menunana – African Dream

Limited edition of 100: €235,-
Menunana wanted to create a painting in which a woman does not look at the viewer for once. A woman is sleeping under the starry sky in the warm sand somewhere in Africa. She has a blanket wrapped around her. It's her magic blanket which makes her always feel at home and she can dream anywhere and anytime.
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Snapwillum – Land Escape

Limited edition of 200: €235,-
Mountains, landscapes, nature and a light desire to fly formed the inspiration for this work. The message of this work is as follows: "I want to take you to a text I once read that moved me." 
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Tessa de Graaf – Unseen

Limited edition of 150: €75,-
Coincidence plays a major role in her work. The wateryness of the East Indian ink and watercolor paint always give that subtleness which make her work so special. She completely relies on her intuition.
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