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Buying art can be a daunting process. Where does your search begin and what are important things to keep in mind when purchasing art? Jip from My Daily Shot of Culture did some great research for us. Only once a year the Rijksacademy of visual arts opens its doors to the public. Jip asked Nienke van der Wal from Young Collectors Circle for useful tips and tricks when buying art. Because let's be honest, we can all use some insider tips in the search for an original piece of art!

Tip #1: Go out and see a lot of art
By looking at art you learn a lot about your own taste and personal style. That way you find out what you do or don't like. You also learn to recognize quality and originality. So just step into that gallery or that museum and let yourself be amazed. Do you find this too much of a hassle? Nowadays you do not have to leave the comfort of your home, because online you can also find an ever-growing selection of art. This is an incredibly low-threshold and easy way to explore what kind of art appeals to you.

Exhibition of Tyna Adebowale in the Rijksacademy of visual arts
Exhibition of Tyna Adebowale in the Rijksacademy of visual arts

Tip #2: Look critically at the material
Of course an art object made of gold is usually much more expensive than an art work made of wood, for example. Depending on the type of art you purchase, there are several things you can pay attention to. When purchasing a limited print, in addition to the quality of the material, the number of editions is just as important. You should also check whether the print is signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Curious what else to keep in mind when you want to purchase a limited edition print? Click here to find more great tips.

Signed limited edition print by Floyd Douglas 'Summer in Havana'
Signed limited edition print by Floyd Douglas 'Summer in Havana'

Tip #3: Ignore your reptilian brain
Our reptilian brain is programmed in such a way that it only wants one thing; survive. It signals the difference between danger and safety. This is also happen when we look at art. When you observe art that looks familiar or you have seen more often, our brain will label it as safe and you will experience it more quickly as beautiful. Are you looking for originality? Then try to ignore your reptilian brain and find a work which stimulates and challenges you in a way you never experienced before.

Tip #4: Look at the artist resume
The prices in the art sector can vary enormously. So what is a reliable way to find out if you are paying the right price for a work of art? There are a number of factors that you can look out for. What kind of education or training did an artist join? Has an artist won important prizes? Has he ever hung in a museum or where has their work been exhibited in the past? These factors added up should give you an impression of whether a price of a work is reasonable.

Rijksakademie of visual arts
The Rijksacademy in Amsterdam focuses on the development of talent in the visual arts sector. It selects and facilitates top talent and offers the selected artists a platform for further development and deepening of their work.

My Daily Shot of Culture
Founded by the two art- and culture lovers Jip Heijmerink and Blijde Ligthart. Their mission is to make culture accessible to a new audience through vlogs and online channels such as Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. Their motto is: "culture can inspire everyone, provided it is presented in the right way and brought to the attention."

Jip en Blijde van My Daily Shot of Culture
Illustration of Jip en Blijde from My Daily Shot of Culture

Young Collectors Circle
Young Collectors Circle is a platform for starting art collectors. Their goal is to inspire a new generation of art collectors; not only to enrich their own lives, but also to support the art sector.

Check here the vlog Jip made in collaboration with Nienke van der Wal. 

Sources: Rijksakademie, My Daily Shot of Culture, Young Collectors Circle 

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