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3D art works by Phynta

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When we saw the work of Phynta for first time we really had to look twice to see what was going on in his paintings. His 3D works are definitely one of a kind. The currently Amsterdam-based artist is originally from Rotterdam (1979) and studied at the Willem The Kooning Academy. After he graduated at the Academy he flew to New York to study at the School of Visual Arts. He then started a career in advertising as an art director.  Years later he picked up what he loved doing the most: drawing and painting, combining it with newly acquired conception and communication skills. 

Phynta is fascinated by the dualistic aspects of life; the fact that much, if not everything in life, is not what is seems. By looking at things differently one can change the meaning and value not only of what is looked at but also of one’s own identity. 

How Lucky was Oswald by Phynta
How Lucky was Oswald by Phynta
Somewhere over the Barbiturates
Somewhere over the Barbiturates by Phynta
King of Calories by Phynta
King of Calories by Phynta

This series shows hints of the tragic endings of icons from the Golden Age of Hollywood. He combines the classic art of painting with contemporary techniques to create 3D images. Put your anaglyph 3D-glasses on and enter a new and deeper world behind the flat surface of the canvas and the glamour. This series is now available in our shop. In the video below Phynta talks about his work method and what creativity means to him. 

All prints are numbered, signed and are exclusively available at Mr. Wallski. Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity. The fine art prints by Phynta come with a pair of 3D glasses!

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