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Jacqueline Nieuwendijk's endless inspiration

Meet artist Jacqueline Nieuwendijk. In her works she likes to process prints from sheets, fragments from books, strips of wallpaper, prints, fabrics from old clothing, etc. The thrift shops, second hand websites and


Hidden museums on the canals in Amsterdam

Behind the facades of a number of stately canal houses in Amsterdam are beautiful museums. Discover their historical treasures and enjoy the extraordinary gardens. Many of the houses along the Amsterdam canals

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Enter the world of Snapchat artist Snapwillum

Meet Snapwillum, who uses Snapchat as a canvas for his art. He is unique in his kind and a progressive, contemporary artist of his generation. AboutSnapwillum is the artist name of Jan-Willem

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Visionary realism by artist Menunana

When you enter a room it is impossible to avoid the super colourful works by artist Menunana. His work can best described as visionairy realism paintings which give a sneak peek into Menunana's

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3D art works by Phynta

When we saw the work of Phynta for first time we really had to look twice to see what was going on in his paintings. His 3D works are definitely one of a kind. The currently Amsterdam-based


4 great tips when buying art

Buying art can be a daunting process. Where does your search begin and what are important things to keep in mind when purchasing art? Jip from My Daily Shot of Culture did some great

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The king of chalk: Leon Keer

Leon Keer is a Dutch pop-surrealist artist who was born in Utrecht, The Netherlands (1980). The multi-talented Leon Keer is initially known for his anamorphic street art. His amazing art has been

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The Mr. Wallski Pre-Launch Party

Last Tuesday we invited all our partaking artists and a bunch of other great people who helped build this amazing new art platform for the past year. It all started at a


Hi Loes van Delft

We are thrilled to announce that the amazing artist Loes van Delft joined the Mr. Wallski platform. She was crowned with the Best Global Artist Award at the Amsterdam International Art Fair


Meet Ego Leonard!

Ego Leonard is an art project which started in 2007. This project features giant super sized Lego figures who washed up on the shore of various beaches around the world. Later he


This is Ole Ahlberg

His works are controversial, but extremely popular nationally as well as internationally. We are proud to announce that Ole Ahlberg joined the Mr. Wallski platform! The Danish artist Ole Ahlberg (1949) is

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Realistic paintings by Jan Teunissen

Jan Teunissen grew up in Zeelst, a small town in the South of the Netherlands under the smoke of Eindhoven. Initially, he followed a technical education and graduated as a business engineer

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Coloured compositions by Ad Verberk

Ad Verberk (1952) is an autodidact painter. He has been active in painting for about 30 years. At high school he drew and sketched a lot, but his first real paintings were