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Mr. Wallski B.V. finds the protection of privacy of the greatest importance. Personal Data is therefore handled with diligence and is secured. Personal Data is data which can be used to identify an individual or which can be linked to an individual. We highly value the security, confidentiality, and integrity of your Personal Data. In this privacy statement, we explain what Personal Data we collect when you make use of our products and services, why we need this data and how we use it.

Article 1 Definitions

1.1 Mr. Wallski B.V. (in the following: “Mr Wallski”) is a private limited liability company under Netherlands law, established on Vliegtuigstraat 6E (1059 CL) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, CoC number 63403250. Mr Wallski conducts its business in the Netherlands and stores its data on servers in the Netherlands.

1.2 Mr. Wallski is committed to comply with applicable Netherlands and European privacy legislation such as Wet bescherming Persoonsgegevens and the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679, in the following: GDPR).

1.3 Mr.Wallski declares in this privacy statement in what cases and in what manner Personal Data is collected and processed, for what purposes it is used and in what manner the Personal Data is secured.

1.4 Mr. Wallski proposes the following services: on-line order platform of art prints for consumers and businesses. These consumers and businesses are referred to in the following as “Customer” or “Customers” and they have entered into an agreement with Mr. Wallski regarding its provision of services.

Article 2 – Applicability

2.1 This privacy statement is applicable to all agreements between a Customer and Mr. Wallski for the use of said provision of services. The applicability of privacy statements is emphatically rejected.

2.2 Mr. Wallski is authorised to modify the privacy statement. Modifications will be published on the website of Mr. Wallski and will be effective from that moment onwards.

2.3 If any provision in this privacy statement is void or annullable, the other provisions will remain fully effective. Mr. Wallski will establish a new provision, whereby the tenor of the void or annullable provision is observed as much as possible.

Article 3 –Personal Data

3.1 Personal Data is any data regarding an identified or identifiable natural person. In the context of the provision of services of Mr. Wallski, the following Personal Data is processed:

  • Names;
  • Date of birth and gender;
  • Addresses;
  • IP addresses and other location data;
  • Websites;
  • Phone numbers;
  • Bank account numbers;
  • CoC numbers and/or identification numbers;
  • Sales data and purchase volumes;
  • Log-in codes and passwords.

Mr. Wallski can receive this data directly from its Customers, for the benefit of its provision of services. The Customers do remain responsible themselves for the accuracy of the provided data, unless that reasonably cannot be demanded.

3.2 Not intended by Personal Data is so-called aggregated information, such as information on a group of products or group of users. With aggregated information, Mr. Wallski is better able to get to understand trends and its Customers, and such to develop new, functions, products, or provision of services. This privacy statement does not limit the collection and processing of information at an aggregated level.

Article 4 – Purpose

4.1 Mr. Wallski needs the Personal Data to in order to implement as well as possible its provision of services regarding its Customers and to make new offers. The Customer accepts that Personal Data is used for the following purposes:

  • To let the Customer make use of the provision of services and provide customer support by way of e-mail or telephonically;
  • To process payments by the Customer;
  • To process shipment and restitution of the products of Mr. Wallski;
  • To calibrate, measure, and improve the provision of services, content, and advertising for the Customer;
  • To contact the Customer, through e-mail, push-up notifications, text messages (SMS), or telephonically;
  • To inform the Customer on the current and on new services, for the benefit of targeted marketing activities,
  • Updates and promotional offers, based on the message-preferences of the Customers, or for any other purposes, to the extent described in this privacy statement;
  • For internal general operational processes;
  • To prevent, detect, and investigate any possible prohibited or illegal activities, fraud, and breaches of the security, and to enforce the general conditions.

Article 5 – Transmission of Personal Data

5.1 Mr. Wallski can disclose the Personal Data to third parties in accordance with this privacy statement and the applicable legislation and regulations, though not outside the EU/EEA. As further described in article 4, Mr. Wallski does not disclose the Personal Data to third parties for their marketing purposes without the emphatic consent of its Customers.

5.2 Mr. Wallski can share the Personal Data with:

  • Suppliers, manufacturers, and other service providers with which Mr. Wallski has concluded a contract or whose collaboration is required to implement the provision of services;
  • Certain third parties (such as rights holders of intellectual property rights, overseers, the tax office, police, and other legal bodies), if Mr. Wallski is obligated to do so pursuant to legislation and regulations or reasonable grounds are thought to pertain based on this privacy statement. Mr. Wallski can share the Personal Data:
  • o to comply with legal obligations or a court order; or
  • o if this is necessary for the prevention, investigation, or prosecution of criminal acts (such as fraud, deceit, or persecution); or
  • o if it is necessary for the upholding of our policy or to protect the rights and liberties of others.

Without limiting the preceding, Mr. Wallski will – as a part of its objective to respect privacy and to keep the website free from malevolent persons or parties – not otherwise disclose the Personal Data to law enforcement, other government officials or other third parties without a court order or formal request from the authorities in accordance with applicable legislation, unless it believes in good faith that the disclosure of information is necessary to prevent imminent injury or imminent financial damage, or to report suspected illegal activities.

Article 6 – Marketing purposes

6.1 The Customer accepts that Mr. Wallski may use the collected information to send offers, whether or not they are personalised, or to contact him telephonically for the provision of services, which may be interesting to the Customer. Mr. Wallski does not sell any Personal Data to third parties for their marketing purposes without the emphatic permission of its Customers. Mr. Wallski may, however, combine the Personal Data with information it collects from other companies and use these to improve its provision of services and functionality and personalise it. In case the Customer does not want to receive marketing messages, he can adjust his message-preferences on his account or communicate this by e-mail – [email protected].

Article 7 – Protection and storage

7.1 Mr. Wallski will – taking into account the applicable regulations in the field of the protection of Personal Data, the state of the art, and the costs of implementation– take technical and organisational security measures to ensure the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of the Personal Data and to secure the Personal Data against loss or any form of illegitimate processing. All Personal Data is stored and processed in the Netherlands.

7.2 Mr. Wallski follows the generally accepted standards for the protection of the Personal Data, both at the moment of communication and the moment when it has received the Personal Data.

7.3 Mr. Wallski has physical, electronic, and policy-based procedures, which aim to prevent unauthorised access, loss, or abuse of Personal Data.

7.4 Mr. Wallski uses SSL (secure socket layer) technology to encrypt the communication of sensitive information (such as access codes).

7.5 Mr. Wallski has limited access to the Personal Data internally to collaborators for whom it is necessary to have access to the Personal Data. It is prohibited to collaborators who are not authorised to seek access to, or to make use of, the Personal Data. Not observing this prohibition can lead to disciplinary action for the relevant collaborator.

7.6 The systems of Mr. Wallski are organised in such a manner that collaborators who are not authorised cannot seek access to the Personal Data either.

7.7 The Personal Data is exclusively kept for as long as this is necessary for the purpose as described in article 4, unless the Personal Data must be kept longer pursuant to applicable legislation. They will be destroyed subsequently.

7.8 The Customers have given their express permission to Mr. Wallski that it may deploy third parties for the processing of the Personal Data, with which third parties Mr. Wallski has concluded processor agreements.

Article 8 – Miscellaneous

8.1 Even though Mr. Wallski has taken all preventive measures and continues to do so to protect the Personal Data, the situation of a data leak may occur. In such case, Mr. Wallski will inform the monitoring authority ‘Autoriteit Persoonsgevens’ and the Customers concerned within 48 hours after having taken cognisance of the data leak through the contact information known to it.

8.2 Every Customer has the right at all times with regard to his Personal Data to request perusal, information, to be forgotten, and for them to be limited, from the moment of invoking that right. Mr Wallski will always collaborate in case of requests for perusal, modification, or removal of Personal Data. The Customer in question must, however, identify himself to Mr Wallski.

8.3 For requests for information, questions, and complaints regarding this privacy statement, the customer service of Mr Wallski can be contacted at [email protected] or 020 - 210 1260.

8.4 To this privacy statement, Netherlands legislation is applicable. The competent court in Amsterdam will settle all disputes regarding this privacy statement.

Advertisers if the Customers have shown an interest through the Website for the acquisition of a product and/or service proposed in the Advertising or responds to Advertising through the Website, to enable further communications and/or the possible transaction (purchase/sale) regarding the product and/or service proposed in the Advertising between the Customer and the Advertiser. Other third parties to which the Customer has granted explicit permission to share the Personal Data with; Businesses with which Mr. Wallski intends to merge in the context of a reorganisation or by which it is taken over.

This Privacy statement is available in both the Dutch and English language. In the event of any dispute arising with respect to the content or purport of this Privacy statement, the Dutch language version shall prevail.

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