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Renso Tamse

"Beauty inspires, to open up peoples heart and help them see."

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Meet Renso Tamse

Renso Tamse

"I hope my art helps people realize what a wonderfully beautiful world we live in. And above all that we have to make an effort to conserve it."

"I want to tell a story, the story of life and nature, not only to others but also to myself, and the best way for me to tell this is through paint and paper, my art. The circle of life where we, just like animals and plants, are part of this planet. Everyone understands the essence of a circle, and it works best if it remains unbroken. As human beings we have an important task in this circle, which is the conservation of our planet."

Renso Tamse, born and raised in Rotterdam, started drawing and painting at a very young age. As long as he can remember, he wanted to become an artist. His interest was mainly focused on nature. After less than a year at the academy for visual arts in Rotterdam, he wanted to go his own way. Abstraction and modern art did not interest him. His heart lies in realistic painting. Renso wants nothing more than wild, mysterious nature landscapes and the animals which belong there. His work is increasingly conceptual, has multiple layers in meaning and is always about emotion. To boost his inspiration he regularly travels the world in search for beautiful areas. 

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