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Noël Hariri

‘Hariri’s work can be best described as humorous, colorful, but above all imaginative.’

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Meet Noël Hariri

Noël Hariri

She knew it since she was a small girl; Noël Hariri (1982) will become an artist. So she went to art school and graduated in 2004 at the Minerva Art Academy. The mix of her Dutch and Arabic roots explain her surname.

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If you look closely at her work, you will always find some weird elements, for example; a man with eight fingers or disproportionate cityscapes. Animals form a great source of inspiration to her, which is why they often play a role in her paintings. In addition, she draws inspiration from the most simple things: statements from a child, a beautiful sky or a stray dog. Meanwhile, her work has been seen in many places, from the Hilton Hotel in Paris and London to the NH in Amsterdam and the Marriott in Rotterdam. In addition, Hariri was allowed to paint for Dutch magazines and glossies such as Nouveau and Yes.

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