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Marleen Leën

‘She often wonders if art needs an explanation; she came to the conclusion that sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. Leën thinks art should touch or move you. Art can create a shock, but it can also create peace and calmness.’

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Meet Marleen Leën

Marleen Leën

Her work is not time or space bound and paints a journey to the unknown. Every work is interpreted  and experienced differently by an individual, depending on your own imagination.

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Her work process is a free and spiritual process in which she doesn’t allow any inhibitions. She starts with three colors and a few spots, coarse and unforced: letting her subconscious mind run completely free. Not knowing in which direction things may go. The first phase is chaotic, a rough start, reflection follows after reflection. 

Music plays an important role during this process. Bach, slow jazz, spiritual or ethnic music that guides her further in her search.

In the second phase she tries to bring more order and clearity into the chaos, connections, lines and connections are made. Everything grows organically like life itself. In the final phase, the work will mature. The individual character of the work is explored in the small details.

made by Marleen Leën