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Herman Smorenburg

‘The extravagance of other surrealists and the mysterious fantasies of symbolists formed the inspirational source for his personal dreams, which he later turned into monumental paintings.’

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Meet Herman Smorenburg

Herman Smorenburg

Smorenburg did not immediately choose to completely surrender to artistry. While he worked as a teacher for 15 years he also immersed himself intensively in the world of consciousness and inner development. This drive turned out to be essential for his further development as a visual artist and for the deepening of his personal imagination.

Herman Smorenburg

As a kid Herman Smorenburg (1958) was always fascinated by the mysterious world of dreams and fantasy. For the then young Smorenburg the visual impressions of the opulence of nature were of great significance. At a young age he already felt the urge to capture these images with pencil or brush. Also his interest for the working of images in relationship to the inner being of the human was awakened.

In the years that followed Herman Smorenburg developed a strictly personal symbolic language, interwoven with tranquil landscapes, the sea, deserted beaches, mountains, mysterious islands, the moon and the universe. In his dreamlike worlds there are often solitary female characters and abandoned ruins. This suggests a certain timelessness. Herman Smorenburg notes that his paintings refer to timeless realities, to the limitless, the breaking away of the boundaries of the spirit of the times and culture:

"My paintings refer to timeless realities, to the limitless. My concern is to shed some light on the deepest desire and the highest ideals of man in relation to his existence. With this I give my work direction and meaning. "

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