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Elzo Dibbets

'His work gives us an insight into an idyllic world that is in complete harmony. They reflect his idea of beauty in a dreamy but razor-sharp manner.'

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Meet Elzo Dibbets

Elzo Dibbets

His goal is to create an idyllic world that is in complete harmony, reflecting his ideal idea of beauty. The focus of his work is on daily life: buildings, people, animals and things.

Atelier 2018

Elzo began his career as a professional painter in 1972 after successfully completing his education at the Academy of Fine Arts (Arnhem, the Netherlands) in 1971. During his career, he has had exhibitions in Europe, Canada, and Argentina, and his work can be found in many private collections as well as museums.

Striking about his work is its clear and simple presentation. His goal is to create an idyllic world that is in complete harmony, which reflects his ideal notion of beauty. 

Dibbets begins his works with a simple layer of greys and whites, painted with brushes, a sponge, or sprayed. On top of this layer, he paints a number of thin, transparent and colourful layers (glacis). During the process of layer application, he adds details, until the ideal representation of the world is depicted on the canvas. He often spray paints the most intricate details with a fine nozzle, as it can create subtle fades as well as clear distinctions. This gives the painting an ethereal and intangible character.

The focus of his work is daily life: buildings, people, animals, and things. Elements selected from a particular scene are emphasised, cut off, enlarged, framed, faded, or moved, which creates a sketch that will serve as a basis for a painting.

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