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Celina Dorrestein

‘Her photographs are surrounded by a certain mystical atmosphere. She distinguishes herself by the special use of light and creative compositions.‘

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Meet Celina Dorrestein

Celina Dorrestein

She visits dilapidated old buildings, each with its own unique history. This brings a certain tension while visiting these places and is beautifully shown in her photography.

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As a young child she was fascinated by atmosphere and light. When she grew older she captured these different scenes with her own camera. Celina Dorrestein (1985) grew up in a village in the Netherlands called Soest. She followed her dream and went to the academy for photography and started her own small photo studio in a garage. Soon she expanded to a larger studio where she both creates work in assignment as well as her own work. 

Celina can be best described as an all round photographer with a preference for studio-, travel-, animal-, and urbex photography. 

The last genre is to visit and capture abandoned and broken down buildings. Every building has its own unique history and visiting such a place brings a certain tension with it. This tension is clearly visible in her pictures. She distinguishes herself by bringing her own style back into the special use of light and creative compositions.

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