Maison D

Celina Dorrestein


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This special art print comes with a ready-to-hang suspension system included.

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This form of photography is called Urbanex which stands for Urban Exploration Photography. It is all about photographing abandoned and derelict buildings. This type of photography stems from Celina's love and passion for adventure, the atmosphere, and the discovery of unique places that all have their own story. This picture iwas made in an abandoned cottage in Belgium. Incomprehensible that such a piano is still in this house! Through the seat in the room next door Celina tried to awaken the curiosity of the viewer and leave room for their own interpretation of the room. The red staircase gives this picture a colorful touch.

Work method
For every photograph that Celine makes during an adventure, the same desire actually applies: expressing the unique and especially desolation. At that particular moment the beautiful light came in, which was obviously a gift. She photographs a building as it is. She walks through a location and tries to let the atmosphere get to her before she starts shooting. It can be stressful sometimes to enter a building unseen. With her photography she wants people to create their own fantasy which takes them into a mystery of an unknown world full of secrets.

- Exclusive limited edition of 9

Special art print
Special art prints are issued in lower numbers and produced with superior printing techniques on extraordinary material with a high-end finish. The size of the work is often larger than the original and they come 'ready-to-hang' with a suspension system included.

The limited edition special art print "Maison D" by Celina Dorrestein bears the artist's signature and a handwritten edition number.

Certificate of authenticity
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HD Finish on forex
The special art print "Maison D" of Celina Dorrestein is made using a special technique called HD Finish. The base consists of an aluminum panel on which a water-resistant ink is applied. The ink is then incorporated into the top layer by advanced heating technology. The HD Finish panel is glued on a sheet of black 8 mm Forex which instantly provides more body and a luxurious look and feel. It comes with a ready-to-hang suspension system included.

Type:Special art print
Edition:Limited edition of 9
Artist:Celina Dorrestein
Title work:Maison D
Material:HD Finish on Forex
Size print:120 x 80 cm
Size image:120 x 80 cm
Certificate of authenticity:Yes
Artist signature:Yes
Warranty:Lifelong quality guarantee

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about the artist

Meet Celina Dorrestein

Celina Dorrestein

She visits dilapidated old buildings, each with its own unique history. This brings a certain tension while visiting these places and is beautifully shown in her photography.

‘Her photographs are surrounded by a certain mystical atmosphere. She distinguishes herself by the special use of light and creative compositions.‘

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