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We work with some
of the most original
and trendiest artists
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All our prints
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numbered and

You don’t need to have knowledge about art, to be an art lover. Simply browse through our exclusive collection of limited edition art prints, purchase your favorite piece of art and have it delivered to your doorstep without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.

This is why people love us.


Commissioned by and produced in collaboration with the original artist


All our prints are limited, numbered and come with an original signature of the artist


Each print is provided with a certificate of authenticity signed by the original artist and our master printer


We only work with the highest quality materials and the best print techniques available


Each print is delivered to your doorstep with free and insured worldwide shipping


All our prints are exclusively available at Mr. Wallski

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Urban Exploring with Celina Dorrestein

Her photographs are surrounded by a certain mystical atmosphere. She distinguishes herself by the special use of light and creative compositions.AboutCelina Dorrestein (1985) grew up in a village in the Netherlands called


The modern metropolis of Floyd Douglas

AboutThe work of young artist Floyd Douglas (1982) makes it possible to model reality. We see city landscapes playing with the content of life, in the mist of colorful polluted air. His art is

in the spotlight

Eyecons by Rob Bonnemaijers

With his designs he explores the the boundaries between art, design and graphics. It’s also his personal quest to find silence, simplicity and beauty.AboutRob Bonnemaijers is what you call a true creative

Meet Mr. Wallski.


About Mr. Wallski

Who is Mr. Wallski?

Our story

We are a young start up company based in Amsterdam. Our team consists out of a small yet super motivated group of individuals. The concept for Mr. Wallski originated out of the belief that art should be accessible to everyone. On this page you can read all about our philosophy.

The trendiest artists in the scene

Meet our artists

Mr. Wallski works intensively with some of the most original, influential and often trendiest artists in the scene. Their diverse, unique styles and characters are captured in their beautiful works and provide a varied art selection on our platform.

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